Earn 5.00% p.a. fixed income.

Dot Secured Bond PLC

5.00% p.a.

  • 3 year term - interest paid half-yearly
  • ISA elgible (£20,000 annual allowance & transfer-ins)
  • £1,000 minimum investment
  • Secured by mortgages over quality properties
  • *Please read the prospectus in relation to the bond before investing and note that eligibility restrictions apply.
    Capital at risk.

Why invest in Dot bonds?

Stable income

Earn predictable, stable returns accompanied by regular income distributions.


Low correlation to mainstream assets like stocks and shares means greater insulation from fluctuations in the value of your portfolio.


Bonds are backed by mortgages over Dot properties to a max 70% Loan-to-value, shielding investors capital from significant losses if borrowers can't pay.

A superior asset class.
The best properties.

Buy to Let mortgages have historically been one of the UK’s most stable asset classes.

Dot takes this a step further by direct-sourcing the most viable investment properties and then elevating them to best-in-class standard through smart refurbishment, bespoke interior design and pro-active property management. This ensures that every Dot home is in high demand, leading to reduced voids and stronger yields - underpinning the credit performance of the associated mortgage.

Dot Secured Bond PLC's sole purpose is to raise capital for Dot Capital Limited, a mortgage lender established to fund Dot homes exclusively.

Beautifully designed homes

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