Starting from £1,000.
Secured against quality homes.

Dot Secured Bond PLC

5.00% p.a.

  • 3 year term - interest paid half-yearly
  • ISA elgible (£20,000 annual allowance & transfer-ins)
  • £1,000 minimum investment
  • Secured by mortgages over quality properties
  • *Please read the prospectus in relation to the bond before investing and note that eligibility restrictions apply.
    Capital at risk.



On 1st May 2019 Dot Secured Bond PLC launched its initial secured bond, backed by first-ranking mortgages. The sole purpose of Dot Secured Bond PLC is to raise lending capital for Dot Capital Ltd, a Buy-to-Let mortgage lender established to fund Dot homes exclusively.

Issuer:Dot Secured Bond PLC
Term:3 years
Interest rate:5.00% p.a.
Minimum investment:£1,000

Dot aims to offer best-in-class rental accommodation in major cities throughout the UK.

All properties are centrally located, typically walking distance from the CBD.

Dot generates proprietary origination by working directly with property developers, estate agents and large landlords to isolate good quality lending opportunities at source. These properties are then pre-packaged for sale to investors globally, who inject a minimum of 30% cash equity.

Dot property investors are subordinated to Bondholders. In the event of repossession Dot Capital Ltd (and therefore Bondholders) are repaid first.

Dot Capital is the receiver of rent, controlling cashflows and prioritising mortgage interest prior to release of any net income to the equity holder. Each Dot SPV (owner of an individual property asset) maintains a reserve fund for repairs and maintenance that can be used at Dot’s sole discretion.

All Dot security properties are decorated, furnished, maintained and managed to a high standard to minimise voids and maximise rental income.