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2 bedrooms

2 bathrooms

640 sq ft

Art-Deco apartment in Deansgate/Chinatown, Manchester

30 Princess St, undefined Princess Street,

Deansgate, Manchester,
M1 4DA

A 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment located in the central location of Deansgate, Manchester, and bordering Chinatown. Grossing 7%+ p.a. the property is on the first floor of an art deco building overlooking Manchester’s Art Gallery. Dot has recently undertaken a full refurbishment comprising two new bathrooms, new kitchen and a Dot Design Pack. The property the property comes inclusive of high-quality furniture, fixtures and appliances (as shown in the photos).

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Financial breakdown

Own for: £116,600

Secure now for: £1,000


Furnishing items

Starter pack


Electrical & smart home

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30 Princess St, Manchester

This property is sold